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HD Video Tour and Photography Price List for Real Estate and Greater Toronto Realtors
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Get MAX exposure with Google SEO

Most of our tours rank at or near the top of Google search results. Simply ‘Google’ addresses for the samples above to see the results.  Search – ‘71 Clissold Road‘ or ‘1607 Hallstone Road‘. 

all virtual tours include HDR photography for real estate


We offer convenient, turn-key add-on products

Real Estate Feature Sheets in Toronto Oakville Brampton Mississauga Vaughan Milton Richmond Hill

Magazine Style Real Estate Feature Books in Toronto Oakville Brampton Mississauga Vaughan Milton Richmond Hill

Real Estate Standalone Website for virtual tour


Optimized to generate more traffic from search engines

Our HD Video Tours and property photos are optimized to appear at the top of major search engines such as Google, Bing, and more.  The videos are loaded onto Youtube and optimized to appear in search engine results as well.  Combined, you’ll realize a good volume of traffic from the web to maximize exposure for your listing.


Leading edge: Mobile, Social, and much more…

The recent popularity of social media and video distribution sites (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) has led to over 90% of home buyers beginning their search on the internet. In addition most people have access to multiple computers, plus the skyrocketing popularity of SmartPhones, most people are connected to, and regularly use, the internet for most of the day.

People prefer watch a video than a series of static photos or browse through endless pages of text; let’s just state the fact.  You’ll find more people watching the movie than reading the book! That’s the way it is with the new generation.

Video is substantially more detailed, realistic, appealing, and can induce emotions, something you can’t do with still photos and text; and emotion is a major reason in why people buy real estate.


Map with Local Amenities and Transit

Simple mapping isn’t enough, our system allows users to view all nearby amenities, Street View and Bird’s Eye view, a Commute Report showing drive times to work.


HD Video Tours vs 360 Virtual Tours

A HD Video Tour has any distinct advantages over virtual tours.  It allows you to control what the viewers get to see, shows all details/upgrades of the home, and shows the entire space of a room.  With a panoramic virtual tour viewers see a 360 degree view from the middle of a room which reduces the viewing area by 75%.  On the other hand, a HD Video Tour show the room from the edge allowing viewers to see the entire space and 3x more than virtual tours.  Furthermore, you truly get a feel of being at the property with moving objects, wind blowing, running water, etc. which are displayed naturally in a Video Tour, evoking emotion and giving viewers a true virtual showing of your listing.

Video Tours help save you time and money, resulting in productive showings, allowing you to sell more real estate, and achieve higher ranking on Google and other search engines.   How your listing appears online can differentiate your services from the competition, engage potential buyers and sellers with your brand, and could be the difference between a buyer  scheduling a showing, or clicking the “NEXT” button….

What is the difference between Real Media Virtual Tour and HD Video Tour?

The difference between the two is that our virtual tours contain a video slideshow made up of still images whereas the HD video tour is an actual movie captured with video.

What is HDR photography?

HDR stands for “High Dynamic Range” and it creates photos with gorgeous, impossible detail and clarity. HDR real estate photos are created by combining multiple photos with varying light exposures and taking the best parts of each one to make suburb images with natural light.

HDR Photography and Virtual Tours for real estate and realtors

Real Estate HDR Photography for Virtual Tours

Real Estate HDR Photography and Virtual Tours

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